Friday On My Mind Theatre Show

Friday On My Mind Show

| The EasyBeats band also feature their own theatre show: the ‘Friday On My Mind Show’ that celebrates the music of the EasyBeats and many of the contemporary bands and artists from the sixties.

The set includes a complementary mix of sixties tracks and a visual production carefully designed to recreate the feel and atmosphere of a sixties show. The set includes some of the most popular numbers from many of the iconic sixties bands. These include songs from bands such as: the Beatles, Who, Beach Boys, Kinks and Rolling Stones and many, many more, all performed with the original arrangements and instrumentation to create a sonically accurate live version of the original tracks.

If you remember the sixties and enjoy the music, then the ‘Friday On My Mind’ show will be a wonderful night of fun, nostalgia and musical memories. If you are too young to remember the sixties then this is an ideal opportunity to experience what it was all about!

So cast your mind back to those exciting days – and book your tickets now! We look forward to seeing you at a show near you soon!

Many thanks,

The EasyBeats

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